Showing: Personal Branding

September 2019

Topics covered include…

  • How to know when it’s time to start a job search (even if you’re not miserable where you are)
  • How to repair a damaged personal brand
  • Can you get back on track after going “backwards” in your career?
  • How to find high-level, high-expertise roles (e.g. Chief of Staff, Sr. EA)
  • How to be sure you’re choosing the right career path
  • How to deal when your boss requests a lot of “status reports” but never looks at them
  • And so much more!
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    How to Find Your Voice at Work

    How to Find Your Voice at Work

    It can be easy to blend into the background at work, to stay quiet and “fly under the radar.” To build a strong professional reputation, you need to learn how to voice your ideas, opinions and perspectives—even when they might not be the most popular. Knowing how to do this in the right way is an essential part of career success.

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