Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I renew my membership?

All membership are auto-renewing. Monthly memberships renew every 30 days; annual memberships renew every 365 days. The automatic payment pulls from the original payment method you used when you set up your membership (credit card, PayPal, etc.).

2. How do I cancel my membership?

PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel and decide you want to rejoin in the future, you will be subject to the current rate at that time. By cancelling, you lose your price lock.

While we hate to see you go, we understand that it happens. To cancel your membership at any time, visit your Membership Details page. Under the column titled “Actions,” you will see a link that says “Cancel your subscription.” Click that link and follow the instructions. Your membership will remain active until the date through which you have already paid. So, if you paid for a month’s subscription on July 11, your membership will remain active until August 11, regardless of when you cancel during that time frame. Once you cancel, your next automatic payment will not be drafted.

Please note: There are no refunds for payments that have already been made. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you cancel the day after your payment is processed, for example, your membership will remain active until the scheduled renewal date, at which point it will become inactive and no further payments will be made.

ALSO: Due to the number of members we have, we are unable to cancel memberships via email request. YOU are responsible for cancelling your membership by following the instructions above.

REMEMBER: If you cancel and decide you want to rejoin in the future, you will be subject to the current rate at that time. By cancelling, you lose your price lock.

3. How do I change from monthly to annual membership?

To change from monthly to annual membership, go to the Membership Details page. (Be sure you’re logged in first.) Under “Actions”, click the link that says “Upgrade or Change Your Membership.” Your purchase will be prorated based on the amount you have already paid and how long is left in your current membership. The system will automatically calculate this for you.

4. How do I change the card that my membership is billed to?

You can change your billing information at any time by visiting the Update Billing Card page. Just enter your new information and hit “Update Card.”

If you watch to switch from PayPal to a credit card for your payment, or vice versa, you will need to cancel your membership and then re-sign up with the new form of payment you want.

5. How do I change the email address associated with my membership?

You can edit your email address and other personal information by visiting the Edit Your Profile page. Just type in the new information and hit the “Save Changes” button.

PLEASE NOTE: You will continue to login with your old email address as the username on the account. If you want to change the login info, please submit a request through the contact form.

6. How do I retrieve a lost username or password?

Your username for the library is the email address you used when signing up.

To retrieve a lost password, go to the Log In page and click the link that says, “Lost your password?” You will be guided through the retrieval process.

7. How do I get a receipt for my membership fees?

You can download a receipt for your fees at any time by visiting the Membership Details page. Scroll to the area that shows your list of payments and click on the “View Receipt” link to the right.

8. I’m not able to access materials even though I’m logged in.

If you are logged in, you should be able to access all of the library materials. If you are not able to access something, please contact us using the Contact form. In the message area, provide the following information:

  • The specific item you are unable to access
  • What you are seeing when you try to access it
  • What web browser you are using

Before doing this (if possible) please try using a different browser and see if that resolves your issue. You can also try logging out and logging in again from this page.

9. How do I learn about upcoming events?

You can learn about upcoming events by visiting the Upcoming Events page.

10. How do I use the Library training for CEUs?

If you have a professional certification and need to obtain CEUs (Continuing Education Units), the training sessions in the Library may qualify. However, it is up to the organization that oversees your certification to determine whether or not a particular session qualifies. While we do our best to ensure the training offered here meets the requirements for most professional certifications, we cannot offer any guarantees. 

Typically, you have to provide the certifying organization with the name of the session, the date of the training, the duration, the provider (Chrissy Scivicque), the session description and a Certificate of Attendance if available. (Certificates of Attendance are not always necessary.)

The certifying organization will decide if it is approved and, if so, how many CEUs it is worth. Generally, one hour of training converts to one full (or one fraction) of a unit. For example, for the PACE certification, one hour of training converts to 0.1 CEUs. At the time of this writing, the PACE certification requires 2.4 CEUs every two years, which converts to 24 hours of training. Check with ASAP for current requirements as these may change at any time. 

Most certifications require that CEU training align with the core content of the certification. It is up to you to make the case that the training is a match.

11. I'm having trouble logging in. Where can I get help?

We have a page devoted to troubleshooting here. Please review these steps before contacting us.

12. Help! I have another question that isn’t answered here.

No problem. Please submit your question via the contact form. You will receive a response in about 24 hours.