Showing: Emotional Intelligence

September 2021

Topics covered include..

  • What to do if you’ve been pigeon-holed at your current company and can’t advance
  • How to care for yourself during the pandemic (and beyond)
  • How to ask for a raise when your duties have expanded significantly
  • How to address an ethics concern
  • How to diffuse a situation and prevent it from escalating
  • And much, much more!
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    August 2021

    Topics covered include..

  • Ideas for setting SMART goals
  • How to get a job supporting people at a higher level when you lack direct experience
  • How to justify being involved in more meetings
  • How to keep meetings on track and stay within their time limit
  • How to deal when your contributions are overlooked while others are abundantly praised
  • And much, much more!
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    September 2017

    Topics covered include…

  • How to handle a reduced team size with an increased workload
  • How to find a mentor when you’re new to an organization
  • The most common communication mistakes professionals make
  • How to overcome an emotional outburst at work
  • And MUCH more!
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    March 2017

    Topics covered include…

    *How to deal with a co-worker who is not pulling his or her weight

    *How to increase emotional intelligence

    *How to prepare for a performance review

    *Some helpful advice for those new to the workforce!

    *And Much More!

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