Showing: Compensation

November 2020

Topics covered include..

  • How to help a team member be more confident and take on more leadership
  • How to deal with short stints on a resume and not look like a job hopper
  • What to do if you’re ready to take a job you’re passionate about, but worried that the pay isn’t enough
  • How to change careers when you’re not far from retirement
  • What skills will be most crucial for admins post-COVID
  • And much, much more!
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    October 2020

    Topics covered include..

  • When/how to ask for a raise given the current climate
  • How to stay visible when working remotely
  • How to work with a micromanager
  • How to remember important info in job interviews
  • What is the value of CAP or PACE certification for the organization?
  • And so much more!
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    July 2020

    Topics covered include..

  • How to transition from being an assistant to a manager
  • How to identify key accomplishments
  • How to address pay scale changes that aren’t aligned with the market
  • How to handle working with a colleague who oversteps and has irritating personality quirks
  • How to build a strategic partnership with an executive who doesn’t “follow through”
  • How to stay relevant in the new working world
  • And so much more!
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    February 2020

    Topics covered include…

  • How to know if you should go for your “dream” career
  • What to do if you’re not advancing at your current organization
  • How to manage stress/anxiety during a job search
  • How to move from admin to management (without direct managerial experience)
  • How to determine an appropriate “retention bonus” for yourself
  • How to get more respect in your role
  • And so much more!
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    January 2020

    Topics covered include…

  • How to organize business cards and potential contacts
  • Should you take a pay cut for a new job?
  • Is Virtual Assistance a viable business and how to get started
  • What do you do to stay motivated and moving forward when you’re no longer focused on “moving up”?
  • How to handle a short-term job on your resume
  • The strange social dynamics of a family business
  • And so much more!
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    December 2019

    Topics covered include…

  • How to avoid the “curse” of long-term employment with one company
  • How to improve your interview capabilities
  • How to negotiate a salary increase based on benefits you’ve declined
  • How to work with a new Chief of Staff (or anyone who might impact your ability to perform)
  • What to do when your email inbox has over 5000 messages!
  • And so much more!
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    June 2019

    Topics covered include…

  • How to handle an employment gap due to illness
  • How to be grateful for a raise/promotion, but still discuss your next career steps
  • How to balance being an approachable manager with getting your own work done
  • How to share difficult feedback with your boss
  • Is it possible to get a new job when over the age of 50?
  • How to get out of a conversation you don’t want to be having at work
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    March 2019

    Topics covered include…

  • What is the best resume format?
  • What is the best salary negotiation advice?
  • Should you check email first thing in the morning?
  • How to handle a title change that feels like a step backwards
  • How to list current employment on LinkedIn when you’re unemployed
  • How to handle projects assignments from people who are not your boss
  • And much, much more!!
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    February 2018

    Topics covered include…

  • Can you still get ahead in your career without a college degree?
  • How to use a professional portfolio when you don’t have a lot of examples of your work
  • How to schedule a lot of last-minute meetings with a lot of different people
  • What to do when your company tells you your wage is capped
  • What to do when you’re job searching and missing an important qualification
  • And much more!
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    December 2017

    Topics covered include…

  • How to teach people how to do things (instead of doing it for them) without making them angry
  • How to get admins to work together as a team
  • Job search tips when you want to stay in the same role but change industry
  • How to get people to use their resources (instead of relying on you)
  • How to confront fear in job search and move past the mental barriers
  • What to do when you deserve a raise or promotion, and keep asking, but never get one
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    July 2017

    Topics covered include…

  • How to rebuild trust with your boss after it’s broken
  • How to find a new career path
  • How to ask for a raise (without sounding ungrateful)
  • How to manage a small team and position yourself for advancement into management
  • How to create a desk manual for your role
  • And MUCH more!
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    May 2017

    Topics covered include…

  • Are administrative certifications recognized by companies?
  • What to do if you don’t like your job
  • How to contribute more meaningfully as an administrative professional
  • How to handle a layoff with early notification
  • How (and when) to ask for increased compensation when other team members have been laid off and you’re taking their responsibilities
  • And MUCH more!
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    Coaching Call: May 2013

    Coaching Call: May 2013

    In this session, we discuss:

  • How to handle a co-worker who shares too much information
  • How to have better communication with your boss
  • How to approach your boss about opportunities promised that never come to light
  • How to talk about a potential department transfer with your boss
  • How to increase your salary
  • And much, much more!
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